We were tired of using anti-chafe creams with petroleum products as their primary lubricant and moisture barrier. Brands we tried without petroleum products contained other scary ingredients, or didn’t last, and we ended up with chafing and sore spots. 

As you can imagine, we were cranky.

Performance shouldn’t mean having to use petroleum derivatives and other nasties on your body. That’s why our chamois creams are petroleum, phthalate and paraben free!

Using petroleum-based creams is a bit like eating junk food when you are hungry. It gets the job done in the short term, but over time creates other issues, including the build-up of bacteria which can cause irritation, inflammation and sores.The natural lubricant in our product reduces friction and inflammation soothing and softening sensitive skin.

Our P120 and V120 chamois creams contain carefully sourced and selected ingredients which help prevent saddle sores by reducing friction and inflammation, preventing the build up of harmful bacteria, and soothing and softening sensitive skin to #protectyourbits.

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