All in… one20percent effort….

Was born out of racing in the Tour Trans-Austria, a 7-day cycling stage race in the alps. Midway through day 4 founders Erin and Sandra were in the lead of the women’s race, cycling flat out into a headwind to reach the next climb ahead of the chasing women’s teams.

While taking rotating pulls on the front to keep their speed up, they passed a male participant who jumped into the draft on their wheel.

Polite requests for him to pull through and help…got the answer

he was ‘giving it 110 percent, not enough apparently to take a turn,

At that point Sandra, not famous for her patience, suggested he should join in with Erin and Sandra giving one20percent and come to the front, or drop off the back. 

And so, the idea of one20 was born- the code for when digging deeper and try harder.

one20percent is needed to reaching your limit, and then pushing beyond.

And so, the idea of one20 was born- the code for digging deeper and trying harder.

one20percent has the same all-in philosophy; create the best scientifically formulated natural
performance products for the athlete in all of us.

Athletic Performance. Naturally.