First, take a moment to think about where you are applying that motor oil under your bike shorts…

Once that sinks in, consider that the barrier to friction created by products containing petroleum jelly or petroleum derivative ingredients like mineral oil, paraffin oil and petrolatum, is not breathable. This non-breathable barrier traps harmful bacteria and fungus on the skin allowing it to flourish and can lead to irritation, sore spots and infections, the very problems you are trying to prevent by using chamois cream!

Petroleum Free Natural Chamois Creams.

Scientifically Formulated.

V120 and P120 scientifically formulated natural chamois creams, use ethically-sourced effective ingredients creating a high-performance anti-chafe protective barrier.

Our long-lasting natural chamois creams help prevent saddle sores by reducing friction and inflammation, preventing the build-up of harmful bacteria, soothing and softening sensitive skin to #protectyourbits

one20percent creams are always free from petroleum, petroleum derivative ingredients and other nasties. No Parabens or Phalates. Always cruelty free.

V120 is pH balanced and scientifically formulated for women with soothing, cooling extracts of cucumber and German chamomile, carefully chosen to #protectyourbits.

No sting and no tingle!

P120 is scientifically formulated for men with organic tea tree oil, a powerful natural anti-fungicide, and organic ginkgo, a natural vascular dilator that improves circulation and helps #protectyourbits. 

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