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scientifically formulated, tested by athletes for athletes. 

What the Experts SAY

“Their product, R120, is a scientifically designed recovery cream with a blend of powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory natural and essential oils to deliver smooth-textured, warming and cooling comfort for sore muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons…”
Marley Dickinson
“The brand’s P120 (men’s) and V120 (women’s) anti-chafe cream is petroleum and petroleum derivative free […] Instead of petroleum, the creams use organic beeswax from a Dutch family farm, German alpine chamomile, cucumber extracts, shea butter, olive oil and olive fruit oil…”
Lily Hansen-Gillis
“We’re impressed with how its blend of analgesic and anti-inflammatory natural and essential oils helped soothe aching forearms and sore hands. The unique formula also moisturizes dry skin and speeds up the healing of minor cuts and abrasions […] Your forearms and skin will thank you.”
Gus Alexandropoulos


Reduce Pain and Inflammation

R120 Natural Recovery Cream, alleviates muscle and joint pain and reduces inflammation, helping you to recover faster and give your one20percent effort every day.
R120 Natural Recovery Cream is scientifically formulated and designed to reduce pain and discomfort with a blend of powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory natural and essential oils. 

Petroleum Free anti-chafe cream

V120 and P120 scientifically formulated natural chamois creams, use ethically-sourced effective ingredients creating a high-performance anti-chafe protective barrier. Our long-lasting natural chamois creams help prevent saddle sores by reducing friction and inflammation, preventing the build-up of harmful bacteria, soothing and softening sensitive skin to #protectyourbits
one20percent creams are always free from petroleum, petroleum derivative ingredients and other nasties. No Parabens or Phalates. Always cruelty free.

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Developed, Tested and Manufactured in the Sea to Sky Corridor of British Columbia.

Women founded and led, we are road bikers, mountain bikers, trail runners, triathletes and one senior chemist. Together we bring decades of experience as athletes, combined with expertise in natural formulations to create one20percent products. 


one20percent products are scientifically formulated using ingredients which are carefully selected for their effectiveness. Our commitment is to make products that are good for people and the planet. one20percent products are ethically – sourced, natural and where possible, plant derived, always cruelty free. Never any petroleum or petroleum derivatives, Phalates or Parabens. No nasties!

athletic performance. naturally.

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